Bandhig Shaqo abuurid oo lagu qabtay Kismaayo.

Waxaa Magaalada  Kismaayo lagu qabtay bandhig  shaqo abuurid ah oo ay soo qabanqaabisay Shirkada TAYO JOBS.Bandhigani oo lagu qabtay Hotel Waamo Garden ayaa waxaa daah furay Madaxweyne Ku-xigeenka 2aad Mudane Suldan Abdikadir Lugadheere iyo xubno sare oo katirsan Dowlada.

Muhiimadda bandhigani ayaa waxaa diirada lagu saaray in shaqo abuurid loo sameeyo dhalinyarada aqoonta leh iyo xirfadaha kala duwan. Halkaas ayaa waxaa lagu diiwaan galiyey dad aad u badan ku waa soo ah shaqa raadis . Shirkadan TAYO JOBS ayaa waxey ka shaqeysaa isu xidhka dadka shaqo doonka ah iyo shirkadaha dadka Shaqaaleysiiyo.

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  2. Mohamed Noor Abikar says:

    Go to jubaland CSC headquarters for your own risk. Meet with powerless, unrealistic and incompetent interviewers. Watch a very good film whose actor is already known. Go home and wait your obvious negative feedback.
    Question with no answers?
    1.why would Csc advertised ajob if their is aperson in that position already?
    2.Why are ministers interfere job advertised?
    3.who wil employ the poor youth whose original document were check seat an exam?
    4.As we knw CSC are part armsof goverment and president appointees.but jubaland they are under the ministers.
    5.why do they swear the Holy Quran?thus they wil be vry stransparent to their job.
    5.As we know the curent advertised job jubaland the shortlisting were made by their respective ministers.why would that hapen?CSC are dair for the ministers.
    6.No power CSC?wastage of time only

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